Components for High Frequency and Microwave Applications

To pro­duce and trans­mit elec­tro­mag­net­ic waves in high fre­quen­cy (HF or microwaves) with simul­ta­ne­ous high­er pow­er ranges there are often used met­al components.

These com­po­nents serve e. g. the task of a reflec­tor or mir­ror for radio fre­quen­cy. But these high fre­quen­cy com­po­nents can also wave­guide anten­nas (launch­ers) to be assem­bled in cer­tain high fre­quen­cy sur­round­ings (Gyro­tron).

We have been pro­duc­ing this kind of com­po­nents for decades and have gained con­sid­er­able knowl­edge in this field. Com­plex and espe­cial­ly com­pli­cat­ed geome­tries demand great capa­bil­i­ties for the man­u­fac­tur­er which often applies as well to the mate­ri­als and pro­duc­tion process­es required for the demand­ed prod­uct. Spe­cial con­di­tions are to be regard­ed for com­po­nents e. g. in an ultra high vac­u­um or with high temperatures.

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